Lisabeula Connection

One Sunday in August several years ago – when we first moved to Vashon – we went sunset-seeking on the West side of the Island.    We saw an interesting location on a map and proceeded to a not-so-inviting, steep hill down – with what seemed like endless turns.    Once you get started on a hill that steep, you don’t have much choice but to keep going down and hope that there’s a turnaround at the bottom.   Fortunately, there was not only a turnaround, but a small parking lot and an enchanted beach tucked away under a steep cliff.   It made holding our breath all the way to the bottom of the hill worthwhile.

It was here in Lisabeula that we would also make one of the first of many connections with people on Vashon.   We met an Island woman who took the time to actually chat with a couple “just off the boat.”   It was as if she had personally set out to thaw the famous “Seattle freeze.”

That chat with a stranger eased the pain of moving to a new place and created curiosity about what other connections we would make on this Island.   Her simple warmth made an important   difference in our lives.   She helped bridge the space between the acclimated and the newly arrived – simply by being herself.

In our first weeks on Vashon there were many other times filled with natural beauty, but our early experience at the Lisabeula beach was memorable for its humanity.   Not a small thing, this human connectivity.

Laura Worth is a Vashon Island life and business coach and 463-9283.

Robert Bornn is a Vashon systems designer of authentically green homes and an artist and 463-4284.

They are founders of BuildingCircles Organization (, designing affordable and sustainable, nature-integrated homes for independent living